This page is meant for those with a love of 3 things: Movies, Music, & Trivia (obviously).

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love those three things and putting them together just seems logical!
I hear music on the radio all the time, and I listen to mostly anything. However, I am NOT a musician, but I love to sing in the car, or the shower, or while sitting here surfing the web, playing games on Facebook, or typing on this new blog of mine.

And the idea for this came from the crazy notion that other people with similar interests to mine might enjoy some trivia. See, now I grew up watching movies, VHS mostly (oh, no! I’ve just dated myself, yikes!), and I’m currently into a LOT of TV shows as well, and most of the songs I know have come from those movies or shows. I discovered this when I went to a show in Branson, MO called SIX. They sing a lot of oldies and some not so oldies. My niece became a little annoyed with me at the show because every time they would sing a song, I would lean over and tell her which movie or TV show I knew the song from. Yeah, I’m THAT person.

So here’s the deal. Each day (in all honesty, it probably won’t be every day) I will name a song and the artist (if I can find it) and you just name what movie or show where you first heard the song. I will do a lot of different movies, shows, & songs – some easy, some a bit more difficult. There will be one answer I will be looking for, but there will also be ZERO wrong answers. Some of you may have heard the song somewhere different than where I did, and that’s great. We will learn a bit more about the movies & the music that way. There will also be some old movies, shows, & songs and some new. Also, the song that I post may not be the theme song of the movie or show. It could just be where I first heard a particular song that I like. Either way the point is just to have fun!

Eventually, as I start figuring out this site, I will see about adding the music because, personally, I don’t always know songs by name. I have to hear them first. But because of copyright laws and such, I will need to look into all of that before I start adding that particular element.

Now, go! Enjoy!


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